May 2, 2017

Mobile Patrol

Mobile Patrol.

Mobile patrols give you an affordable and yet highly effective security solution for your business.  For sites such as building sites, car parks, factories and schools where a full time security requirement is not required, mobile patrols provide the perfect security option.

Instead of you having to employ full time security personnel or use your own staff to protect your premises, you now have experienced, reliable and highly effective security staff patrolling your premises, venue or location.

Our Security officers check premises and act as a potential deterrent to would-be intruders.  They also can prevent minor problems developing into more serious incidents such as extensive flood damage, or devastation from a carelessly discarded cigarette.  Over the years, mobile patrols have prevented such damage and have been instrumental in the prevention of major business disruption.

An electronic patrol monitoring system is installed throughout each site to ensure specific areas are patrolled.  The information collated through each patrol is available on a weekly basis identifying the time of each visit and the duration of each patrol.  If there is information that is required prior to the weekly report this would be provided by way of exception.

Benefits of our Mobile Patrol Service:

  • Patrols can be provided to business premises and homes
  • Service provided in accordance with BS7499
  • Vacant building inspections to check utilities
  • SIA Licensed and vetted Officers attending your premises
  • Visible deterrent
  • Electronic verification of time spent on site
  • Lone worker protection
  • An affordable solution to your security needs

You can now also take advantage of a Free Security Survey at your site where one of our trained security experts will discuss your security needs and provide you with a free, no risk, no obligation quote that will guarantee you the highest levels of security and service.

For a free, no obligation quote call us on 0845 056 3844